Special Services

Special Services

During an Acid Wash we drain the entire pool using a small QUIET electric pump which the customer will never even know is there. The pump has an auto shut off so the customer doesn’t have to be home, doesn’t have to do anything.  We set up the pump, normally in the afternoon, let it run overnight then come back the next morning to work.

An acid wash is a popular choice for cleaning tough stain off plaster pool walls.  An Acid wash uses gallons of Muriatic Acid. The acid will literally “etch” or eat away a small layer of the pools plaster, revealing the fresh and white layer underneath.  This type of cleaning is intense and better suited for removing tougher stains in the plaster.  However, due to the nature of an acid wash, this type of cleaning should NOT be performed on a regular basis.  A yearly acid wash, for example, would shorten the normal life span of a plaster pool as layer after small layer would be removed each year.  However, the occasional use of an acid wash is a great tool for restoring a “clean look” to a dirty surface.

An acid wash is not a cure all.  The best results from an acid wash is when the plaster is still in decent shape.  An acid wash is normally not possible, nor will it help, when the plaster in very old and thin. Although an acid wash works well on most stains, some stains are too deep to be cleaned. The stains may be penetrating through many layers of plaster, and cannot be cleaned, even with an acid wash.  Pebble Tech pools are also acid washed when they have stubborn stains.  An acid wash is very effective on Pebble Techs with mineral stains (mineral build up will appear purple).  The Pebble Tech surface is much stronger than a plaster surface and can withstand an acid wash more regularly.

You should always hire a local pool cleaning service company who have experience doing acid washes to perform the acid wash. The muriatic acid is a toxic chemical and needed to be handled as such. If the acid is left too long on the pool plaster it will literally start burning into the plaster. It is highly advised that you hire a professional pool company such as Pools Cleanliness Solution LLC to perform this type of pool cleaning.

** PLEASE NOTE:  An acid wash or chlorine wash does NOT remove the white mineral build up commonly found on the water line.  This build up needs a completely different type of cleaning and is priced separately from an acid wash.

The process for a green pool cleaning depends on the severity of the green pool algae problems. When you call Blue Cactus Pool Service for a free quote for pool algae removal, we will ask you some questions such as “Can you see the bottom of the pool?”  Some pools just starting to turn green may be able to be treated with chemicals and constant circulation of the pool water by running the pump continuously for many days. However, most green pools are best cleaned by draining the pool, cleaning out the debris, scrubbing the pool walls with a chlorine wash, refilling the pool water, and balancing the pool chemicals. However, due to the extreme hot weather in the Central Florida area during the summer months, draining a plaster pool can only be done during certain temperatures.

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Is your swimming pool tile building up a white line on the water line of your tile?

Due to the extremely hard water in Florida, swimming pool tile takes the brunt of it. Pools cleanliness Solution LLC. Provides a calcium removal procedure.

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